Thursday, March 27, 2014

Keeping it Together....

Three weeks ago, my husband took a load of sheets out of the dryer and lost one of two dryer balls.  To this day, we haven't found it.  How does that happen?   My answer: Only in our house.

A lot has been going on in my hubby's world that makes me wonder how we've managed to keep it all together and only loose one dryer ball these last few months.  My husband is my rock.  The glue that holds our family together.  The calm one.  Level headed.  Patient.  Non-complaining.  (I'm not even sucking up, he doesn't read "our" blog.)

Recently, he's lost sleep.  Been irritated. Complained more than I think I've ever heard.  It's his busy time at work.  He's feeling pressure from different levels of employees.  It's not like him to seem so aggravated.  I try to listen quitely knowing he needs to vent, but sometimes I say things that probably adds to his trouble.  My reaction is for him to tell them off.  You're the boss!  Get mad! Fire them for pete's sake!  He has that power.  Did I already mention he's the patient, level-headed one in our relationship?

We are approaching 21 years of marriage in just a couple of weeks.  I'm more madly in love with him than the day we married.  We have three kids together.  One carries his genes.  All three of them he fathered. I've seen him treat all three kids the same through the years.  Sacrificing for their needs.  Providing, loving and encouraging in his patient way.  He's done the same for me.  I take for granted how he tells me multiple times a day he loves me.  He compliments me on every meal I cook.  He tells me I'm beautiful at least once every day.  He always kisses me good morning and goodnight (even if I'm asleep).   I didn't know I needed him in my life so badly.  However, God did.  I'm glad He intervened.  It hurts me to see my hubby frustrated.

All I can do is pray for my husband through this time of challenges.  The busy season will come and go and again reappear.  I'm going to work harder on daily appreciating the man I married.  I'll eventually replace the lost dryer ball with a new set.  Right now, we'll just keep working on keeping it all together - together!

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