Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Get Down, He Lifts Me Up!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!  Philippians 4:4 

All has been going relatively well.  We have been in Iowa for 3 weeks.  Todd has been at work for 2 weeks.  Our apartment is as unpacked as it's going to get for now.  I've managed to get a decent haircut, survived a week of the computer in the shop, visited the eye doctor & got new glasses, 2 trips to the dentist just for me, we've been to the actual doctor for a total of 3 times, and the pharmacy twice.  We've been able to find everything we need and don't need around town. 

If there's been a time since we've moved that I've had reason to cry out and ask God "what is going on?"  I feel this last week would be it.  Mattye has missed the entire week of school, plus 2 days from the previous week.  She has battled brochitis, throwing up, and now an ear infection.  At this point, I feel she's missed more school than she's been there.  I've been sicker than I can remember in a long time with a really high fever (103.7), literally in bed for 3 days, and now a cough.  I know Todd was pulled in different directions with us and work, but like always, he took great care of us sick girls.  Probably our biggest blow came when we heard my mom's cancer has worsened.  The prognosis is not what we had hoped to hear.

Missing my son and daughter is getting harder.  Jessi is facing decisions that would be so much easier to sit face to face and discuss, but we continue to do it over the phone, email, and texts.  I was looking forward to Jerod's arrival in Iowa in a week, but now I believe he's staying in Indiana for a bit longer to spend some more time with his grandma.  However, his resignation from his full time job is effective Nov. 5th, he's going to need something to fund his longer stay.

We do enjoy this quaint little town of Story City.  School officials actually meet with church leaders and coordinate schedules so activities don't conflict.  We have enjoyed driving around the country just looking around.  It kinda reminds me of Sunday drives we used to take with my grandparents.  Nowhere to go, no hurry to get there.  We've managed bike rides, walks, game nights, and family togetherness.  Knowing only a few people helps that!  :-)

We have been blessed to have found two churches that we are interested in and we enjoy both for different reasons.  So our prayer now is that God makes it clear where we are to put root and where we are to serve.  We could really use some great church friends.

Through it all, we could chose to be bitter or rejoice.  We are choosing to rejoice -- always!  Moving here was a big decision.  When moving day came, we knew our lives were changed.....for the better.  God has been in control of the entire process and we praise Him.  God's peace and comfort led us here.  I know He's in control, even when we feel we aren't.  God will lead us through our upcoming days.  Through it all we will rejoice....ALWAYS!  REJOICE!  I leave you with this song..... Turn it up, click & have fun! :-)

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