Friday, April 29, 2011

6 Months & Counting!

We have officially been Iowa residents for 6 months, 19 days.  We're still happily counting the days!  Who knew moving to the middle of nowhere Iowa could be so joyful!  It's been so much more than a job change!

In the past, I never could understand how people could dine out alone.  Now, I've actually come to occassionally enjoy it.  I've discovered some cute bistros, deli's, and pizza places that are cheap, comfortable and fun to go to - alone!  I've enjoyed watching people & discovering the area which I now call home.

Don't be thinking that I eat out all the time, because I do my share of cooking all week!  However, Todd & I have discovered some great places to eat on weekends.  Some we have found on our own and others have come by recommendation.  Either way, we have had few disappointments!

I wish I could report that Todd's work schedule has slowed down a bit, but that's not the case.  He's still working crazy hours, 6 days a week, but he's been home every night.  There's something to say about the fact he's home to kiss me goodnight and goodbye in the morning.

Mattye is working at the local cafe, making new friends, and becoming a coffee shopaholic.  There are more choices here than just Starbucks......glad she's got a job to support her habit!  ;-)

We've been teased with days of warm weather and sunshine.  It makes me realize how excited I am for the weather to change and become warm again.  It will be a new season of discovering Iowa!  I look forward to visiting the pool with a new friend, sitting on our patio on fluffy cushions sewn by another new friend, tractor pulls with Todd, small group get togethers and continuing the blessings of the move.  It's been so much more than a job change!

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