Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Change is Good

Today's blog is born from a daily devotion, current and previous life situations for myself and my family.  There really isn't anything I could say that can be said better than from the devotion, so I'm including some of the points below.
  • “Change” can be a scary thing, although it’s frequently something we want and even demand particularly when we don’t like something about our current situation. Often times we don’t even know the change we’re looking for nor prepared for it when it comes. We just wish for something to be different.
  • When we become discontent (or led to believe we are dissatisfied with what we have or disenchanted with where we’re at), we will accept almost anything (along with its own inherent problems), as long as it’s something new, even though it may be no better than we have it, sometimes even worse.
  • It’s easy to look at someone else’s situation and perceive it to be so much better than our own without even knowing what goes along with what we see.
  • Many of us miss some amazing opportunities right in front of us, fail to engage ourselves with interesting people and situations, and neglect what God has blessed us with because they don’t “fit” into what we “think” we are looking for or what others around us have led us to believe.
  • We can’t always worry about what others think we should be doing or where we should be in our life, especially by a “certain age.” We have to do what God created and called us to do, oftentimes totally different from what others around us are doing.
  • Whatever “it” is that God gave you the passion and abilities for, have the courage to go against reason and common sense, and pursue it with all of your heart.
    Sometimes it may mean stepping out and making a change and other times it may mean staying where you are, putting your head down and making the best of the situation because that’s where you are supposed to be.
Wow God!  Thank you for the reminder today to be all YOU made me to be.  Whether it's through changing my location, my friends, or my heart, when I allow YOU to work through me , that never fails in any situation.  One day I will see clearly all the work YOU did through me.  May YOU always get the glory for every life situation!

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