Friday, June 10, 2011

Check that off the list.....

I don't know how the last 30 days have gone by so quickly, but God has blessed us beyond what we could have ever imagined!  Here's just a bit of what's gone on in the last month!
  • Picked up Jessi at Airport (happy tears!)
  • My Back Surgery
  • Mattye Oral Surgeon Consult Appointment with Daddy
  • A week of medication.....totally do not remember
  • Family Science Center (big trip in a wheelchair)
  • Jessi Flew back to Indiana (lots of tears, tears, tears....I remember I couldn't stop!)
  • Todd left for Canada for 4 days
  • Dr. Appt. to remove stitches (I remember each & every one of those!)
  • Physical Therapy Started - I'm a bad patient!
  • Temporary crown removed & permanent crown on  (Cha Ching!)
  • Car repairs for Todd's car & Jessi's car (More Cha Ching!)
Then there's the fun stuff:
  • We sold our Indiana house!
  • Mattye is officially a Junior in High School!
  • Food brought in by friends, sharing dinners with friends, loving our friends!
  • Mattye started her summer babysitting job!
  • I drove Bethany Manor Royalty in the Scandinavian Day Parade!
  • We've discoverd the Affordables Resale shop & they now know my name!
  • Seeing a live musical for the first time since - I can't even remember!  (Side note - I went with a girlfriend while Todd reinstated his love of micro mini tractor pulling!)
  • Buying flowers, herbs, & containers - our deck looks like a garden!
  • Days at the pool & laughing with girlfriends until I have tears!
  • Evening neighborhood walks, holding hands with my hubby.
  • House hunting, House designing, House anything.....
It was somewhat a shock when it was official that our house had sold.  It had also been a lot of work and communication with the relocation company.  It become almost a part-time, unpaid job for me to deal with them!  When I called for final meter readings for utilities, I had a moment when I realized THIS IS FINALLY HOME! 

The next 30 days look to be exciting!  After Mattye gets her teeth out, we'll be making smoothies and getting a pedicure during her recovery!  We have a couple of little trips planned compliments of Land O'Lakes!  Looking forward to a few days at Minneapolis, IKEA & Mall of America.  Of course, there's pool days with the girls and driving 30 minutes to get Ice Cream - in the convertible with the top down......that's summer fun! 

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