Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So Much To Do.....

We are really amazed by what God has done by bringing us to the middle of nowhere Iowa.  God has blessed us with amazing friends that have been such a blessing in the transition of moving to another state.  They have all become our family & we love them dearly.

So what's a family to do in the middle of nowhere Iowa?  I would say there are endless summer possiblities!  If we were in better shape, we could participate in RAGBRAI.  A seven day bike ride across the state!  It's the oldest, largest, and longest bicycle event in the world!  It's county fair time!  Those who know us best, know we love our fair food -- that's why we don't participate in the biking event!  Tractor Pulls are everywhere!  I'm sure we could stay busy throughout the summer following the NTPA circuit.  We've encountered one & Todd would love to encounter more!  There's always the local pool!  Mattye & I have been there alot!!!  Our freckles reflect our time spent enjoying the sun, fun, & good friends!  Farmers Markets are becoming full of fresh local produce.  Everyone is ranting and raving about Iowa sweet corn.....I'm sure it's just because they haven't had the Coulter Corn yet!  It's secretly growing in an undisclosed spot in Iowa.  :-)  So much more to do that I can't even compile it in this blog!  Summer is definitely the time to visit & enjoy the outdoors!

The question of the week seems to be "Are you looking for a job or getting a job once Mattye goes back to School?"  The answer today would be, "I don't think so."  However, since this question is so bold this week and a job opening with a description was sent via email, I'm wondering what God has planned!  Right now I'm content with volunteering at Bethany Manor, helping out with Connect Group stuff, and helping out at church occasionally.  The pay is non-existent, but I've met some great people & I have been blessed abundantly throughout my experiences.  I don't think a paycheck could have given me as much joy.  Besides, increased pay often brings increased expenses - clothing needs, gas for transportation to and from, wear and tear on car, time away from home, convenient foods or dining out.  My God has supplied all our needs until now, I'm sure it will be clear when I quit working for free.  :-)

We're excited about upcoming events.  Tomorrow is my 44th birthday!  I get to spend the day with some really fun girls!  Then, keeping with tradition, Todd will be taking me to a county fair for fair food!  We're moving Jessi from one apartment to another at the end of the month.  In August, our family will be together again for a week while we vacation together and have some quality time.  Unfortunately, school also soon resumes and thus we begin another cycle.  Todd's been with Land O'Lakes a year beginning August 1st.  Hard to believe how much has happened in the last year and how fast it has gone.  There's so much to do and we're thankful to get this experience!

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