Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Great is Our God!

IT'S BEEN A YEAR!  We can not believe that a year has gone by since we were watching people pack up our belongings, load it in a semi and we said good-bye to Indiana!  What a journey it has been for all of us!

Excitement is still the word we can use to be living in Iowa.  To some it may seem that excitement and Iowa should not be used together.  However, it's been fun to see what this state has to offer besides corn!

We moved due to a job change for Todd, but the job change provided time for us together with less travel for him throughout the year.  It has been great to spend time together as a couple, and as a family, to reconnect again after living a schedule that was taking him away from home more and more.

Mattye has made some great friends and I love to hear her giggle and see her smile.  She's working, taking CNA classes at school, and has an occassional opportunity to babysit.  Next step....look at colleges....*gulp*

Probably the most exciting thing we are preparing to do as a family is MOVE!  We have an accepted offer on a house and a closing date set for next week.  We'll still be living in Story City and Mattye will continue at the same school.  The prospect of a home again has sometimes sent chills down my spine when you think of the maintenance and work that goes into owning a home.  We've gotten pretty lazy with no yard to mow, no snow to remove, just drop off our rent and continue about your day.  We have come to a point though where we wonder what is really in our storage unit, and we are ready to dig into those boxes!

Through all of the sadness of our two kids remaining in Indiana, the death of my mom, and missing some dear friends, God just continues to pour his love on us.  We are so grateful for our church, our small group, and our new dear friends.  A year ago, we were leaving our comfort zone and stepping out to a lot of unknown.  We were following where we felt God leading us.  We couldn't even imagine we'd feel so at home at this point in our journey.  Praise goes to our great God!

To all my friends who didn't ignore the are a few pictures of the future home!

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