Thursday, September 6, 2012


It has been awhile since I've written.  (I bet you never read that on anyone else's blog before!)  I feel the time has come to update you on our journey in life as we see it.

First, a few suggestions to get you through life as taught by the Coulter's.....

Don't eat something in your work fridge that isn't yoursWHAT?  Yes, imagine working in a small office and putting your lunch in the fridge to find it gone when you're ready to eat.  Rude, stealing, out of control are just a few words I can think to describe this.

I'm not against sharing food with others, feeding the poor and needy, or the sick.  Just don't take my lunch on a day I'm stretched to my limit, not eating until late, actually - just don't take my lunch.  I'll know if I should give it up to you.  Which leads to another point....

Feeling convicted?  Act.  One two different occasions, which I can pinpoint exactly, my heart told me to do something & I didn't act on it.  Actually, it was God who impressed upon me to do something & I turned my back on Him.  I am no longer able to fulfill His desire in this instance.  No matter how hard I would like a redo, that door is shut.

This is really not a new lesson to me.  Just a frustration that I get so selfish that I am forced to learn this over and over again.  I know God will convict my heart to be used by Him again.  I pray I listen and put aside my selfishness to be a blessing to others.

Life is short, buy a crockpot!  Talk about blessing others, thank you to the bloggers who post about crockpot recipes and freezer cooking.  I've been putting food in the freezer that is dump in a freezer bag, freeze, plop in a crock pot, and enjoy after a day of work.  Not only convenient for our family, but I've been able to provide meals for friends who had unexpected needs.  Blessings all around!

Food & fat go hand in hand!  Crockpot meals are easy & they can deliver a healthy option for a quick dinner.  Food has been like a fun discovery since we've moved.  There are many mom & pop establishments that we have found & enjoyed as well as the chains of some favorites.  Have you ever heard too much is a good thing?  Well, we've indulged a little too much & now we are paying for it!  Good thing Iowa is a get fit state & everyone around us seems to walk, bike, jog, walk a dog, or something to get moving.  I hate to say this, but I might be conforming!

So those are a few things from our recent journey.  Otherwise, we are nearing one year of living in our home and 2 years years of living in Iowa.  Hard to believe, but great to be on this journey!

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